About us

Kamil Kaczmarek

The graduate of Cultural Studies in Poznań and of the Film School in Łódź. An Independent filmmaker and video-artist. A co-founder of Kod krowa, the Association of Creative Initiatives, which organizes music festivals, film and art workshops. An avid globetrotter, particularly fascinated in Ibero-American countries. He participated in countless film workshops and is passionately fond of camera operating. Professionally, he is engaged in e-marketing and web advertising.

Joanna Maria Chrzanowska

A Dr at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. A teacher and a photographer. She organizes events across Poland and runs street-art workshops for children. She cooperates with the investigation arrest in Poznan in the program “Painting the prison walls.” She is fascinated by the world of graffiti, rides a bike a lot and loves Spanish. She hitchhiked across the whole Europe, but also visits other continents. Writes the blog www.mruffs.blogspot.com.


A filmmaker of the young Polish independent film movement background. His film Monari (www.keniafilm.pl), a portrait of the poor districts of Nairobi, was nominated by Internet Film Awards as an “off newcomer of the year.” He loves mountains, comic books, bats and travels. As a part of the expedition Afrykanowaka.pl, he crossed the Libyan Sahara on a bicycle. He cooperates with Kamereon Media and Children’s Art Centre in Poznan.