Our project

Transandino project covers trip to Peru, realization of a film and promotion of Ernest Malinowski and his work, the Central Railway of the Andes.


Our trip to Peru took place between June and September 2010. We visited, among many other places, Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Titicaca Lake, Arequipa and archaeological sites of northern Peru. We made a trek in the Cordillera Central, Huaytapallana and Pariacaca, as well as in the Central Peruvian Jungle. We climbed the Cordillera Blanca. We crossed several thousand miles and spent more than 250 hours in the Peruvian buses and trains.
Blog www.transandino.info is a documentation of our journey. In 2011 the website has been nominated in the category “blog of the year” for “Travelery 2010”, a competition organized by National Geographic Poland. In addition, we presented slides from the trip at various travel festivals.


Our film will take the viewers on a journey along the route of the Railway, with the majestic landscape in the background. This impressionistic document is to show the viewers the remote areas of the Peruvian Andes. In order to collect shots we traversed the Lima – La Oroya – Huancayo route several times by train. We took some interesting shots from the windows of the car which followed the train, as well as from the surrounding peaks.
Editor of the film is Mathias Mezler. Music by Patryk Lichota complements captured images.


An important part of the Transandino project is to present engineer Ernest Malinowski’s life, the history of the Railway construction and engineering specifications.

Screening of the film, lectures about Ernest Malinowski and Central Railway and exhibition of photographs taken during our trip took place on the 16th of June at Muza cinema, in Poznan. Foreword by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Peru – Kajetan Pyrzyński was a comment on our work. The figure of the famous Polish engineer was approached by his biographer, Dr. Danuta Bartkowiak. Ryszard Pyssa, headmaster of the School of Communications in Poznan, has presented the Central Railway of the Andes, a masterpiece of engineering technology, to the audience.

We are planning to repeat this event in Poznan in the near future and to organize a series of meetings in various Polish cities. Information on Malinowski and the Railway, including the video material that we shot irrespective of the film production, will also be placed on our website.